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Intuitive Music Composing

for kids groups & schools

“A fun & creative
experience for kids”


“Positive Music Power for Kids – Creative Composing” is intended to show children how valuable and powerful it is to intuitively compose a story and a song from their own ideas. They can take this song home with them, listen to it at any time, sing along and activate their own creative power.

Fun with music

Boost children’s mental well-being

A fun program that is intended to show children how valuable and powerful it is to creatively compose a song from stories and thus actively transport and transform feelings and emotions.

Growing self-worth

Strengthen independence through meaning

Children learn to express themselves creatively through various creative tasks such as intuitive painting, group singing, and stage performance. They learn to interact and contribute to reach a goal together.

Accessing creativity

Creating a story and a melody

Children learn to access their own creativity while using both hemispheres of the brain as they compose a song in a collective environment.


Professional Singer & Motivation Life Coach

3+ years of education
11+ years of career experience

Saskia Stäuble, “Dusty”, is a Swiss singer, songwriter, composer and motivational coach. She is the first singer and motivational coach to combine both art forms to create a positive impact through music.


Professional Pianist & Composer

9+ years of education
11+ years of career experience

Michael Odermatt, “MiKey”, is a Swiss pianist, composer and music producer. He is known for his purely intuitive expression on the piano and his ability to capture the essence of energy and translate it to music.

Program structure

Part 1

Painting with intuitive music

At the beginning of the program, the goal is to help the children relax. All children are provided with paper and colored pencils/felt-tip pens. The pianist Michael Odermatt, known professionally as “MiKey”, (pianist of “Dust of Soul”) starts to play the piano intuitively. His compositions are created in the moment, guided by his perception of the children and the space. The children now have the task of listening to the piano-playing and expressing themselves through painting, sketching or drawing.

Part 2

Creating a story and a melody

The first part is about creating a story based on each painting. This way each child contributes their own ideas. The drawing of each child serve as the basis for this. In the second part, the story is spoken with emotions. The children can practice telling parts of the story with their own feelings and ultimately forming them into a singing melody. The aim is to find a simple basic melody that all children associate with the story.

Part 3

Composing music to the melody

The story now becomes music. In the first part, the basic melody is found and played on the piano. By playing the melody on the piano, the scale can be defined and the harmonies created upon it. In the second part, the singing is rehearsed together with the piano. Rhythmic elements may be integrated such as rattling, clapping, snapping.

Part 4

Performing as a group

Now each group shows their song to the other group in the form of a performance. The group is accompanied by Dusty on vocals and MiKey on the piano. Every performance is live recorded with a professional recording device. After the performance, each group receives their song as a digital music file. This way the children have the opportunity to hear and sing “their song” again at any time, so that they can independently activate their own power through the music.

Schedule a program

Intuitive Music Composing (from 10 to 25 children, age 6-12)

2 hours 15 minutes

CHF 720 / USD 850

  • Delivery of song mix in a digital format for 2 groups
  • Original of painting created during the program

Next events

May 10th, 2024 @ Club Joyful

Club Joyful Feel Good Friday with Dust of Soul

Feel Good Friday Music Composing Class with Dust of Soul at Club Joyful in Venice


Join us for another edition of Feel Good Friday, social hour and kids class featuring intuitive musicians, Dust of Soul. Kids ages 5-11 will work together and led by Saskia and Michael of Dust of Soul on an intuitive music journey where they will compose a story and song from their very own ideas. The kids will begin by painting an idea, create a story and melody, then compose the music to the melody. The class culminates with a group performance for the parents! Each child will receive a copy of their song to listen to at home.
Followed by a concert from Dust of Soul for the whole family.
Other games and entertainment provided, drinks and snacks available for purchase. Free tickets with email RSVP.
Come join the Joyful community for an after-school hang and kick off the weekend with some music and good vibes.

Lastest events

Next session venues coming soon

Dust of Soul offer the program “Positive Music Power for Kids” (Intuitive Music Composing) exclusively at chosen venues and studios.

Offer the program at your school / venue?

Please contact us for a collaboration.

Schedule a program

Intuitive Music Composing (from 10 to 25 children, age 6-12)

2 hours 15 minutes

CHF 720 / USD 850

  • Delivery of song mix in a digital format for 2 groups
  • Original of painting created during the program


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